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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 23, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the politics of a pandemic the senate battle over a stimulus package ends this a stalemate with both sides blaming the other for failure. as negotiations spill into monday with investors bracing for another blood bath on wall street rand paul reveals he has tested positive for coronavirus. he and a handful of members of congress go to quarantine as states press the trump administration for more aid and supplies with a number of patients exploding to the front lines of home deliverie
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deliveries important information for keeping you and that hard-working delivery person safe in the times of self-quarantine. and the pets you're probably spending more time with while quarantine iing at home. how the coronavirus is impacting our dogs and cats early early "early today kwtsz starts right now. on this monday morning, 80 million americans are virtually under lockdown as confirmed cases surge to over 35,000 almost half of those are in new york here's what you need to know at this hour president trump approved a disaster declaration for california sagt states issued stay at home orders pharmacies and grocery stores are exempt from the shutdown non-essential businesses found oech could be fined. president trump has activated additional troops in new york, california and washington as cases in those states surge drastically. and breaking overnight, kha
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a da and australia become the first countries to pull out of the the olympics both countries will not send athletes to tokyo if the games are not delayed by the pandemic. the prime minister is considering postpone iing the games, but says canceling is not an a option. school closures skyrocketed with 54 million students sent home 45 states have closed a all schools. many of those are making courses available online but the closures also affect more than 20 million children who receive free school lunch. and "the view" cohost goes in self-isolation. she's pregnant with her first child. she plans to host the show remotely from home and tito's vodka is using its distillery to make 24 tons of sanitizeer. >> best buy is shifting business to curb side pickup as more demerits are account look for home office equipment, the store
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is stepping up customer service to unprecedented level to that keep you in your car and mcdonald's restaurants will close by 7:00 p.m. today boris johnson called for restaurants to close last week governors are pleading with the federal government for more support. one of the biggest challenges is ease iing the burden on health r workers. the people on the front lines of this battle are in need of protective gear and president trump says more supplies are on the way here's kat any park. >> reporter: a medical emergency as doctors fighting the coronavirus warn supplies of personal protective equipment are running critically low >> it does keep you up at night. we are running low we can't afford to have our workers get sick >> reporter: as the crisis deepens, governors are demanding more help and supplies from the strategic national stockpile >> apparently, the only way to et get the president of the united states to pay attention is to go on national television
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and make noise about it. which i won't stop doing until we get what we need. >> reporter: the president responded. >> the federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of supplies from the national stock pill to locations with the greatest need. >> reporter: the national guard soldiers are setting up this field hospital as new york calls on feama to do the same inside this massive convention center u.s. cases pass 30,000 but in the nation, third in total cases globally in south carolina is a 7-month-old son was hospitalized with covid-19. >> very scary. they haven't really tested children or done studies in small babies so we're still nervous. >> reporter: ohio and louisiana joining other us states asking residents to stay home and hawaii taking the exfrom ordinary step of requiring all returning residents and visitors to quarantine for 14 days.
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life at the epicenter of the outbreak on pause as cases in new york surge to more than 15,000 coast to coast, leaders stress everyone take essential distancing seriously >> time to grow up time to wake up. >> i was in these parks. you would know not that anything was going on it's arrogant. it's self-destructive. it's disrespectful to other people and it hz to stop and it has to stop now this is not a joke, and i am not kid iding >> our thanks to kat yi park for that report. partisan showdown threatens to derail a massive stimulus package aimed at curbing the impact of the coronavirus. mitch mcconnell is vowing to take another vote on the gop's pill today after democrats blocked it over concerns of corporate bailouts tracie potts is joining us from
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d.c. with the latest good morning, it seems that not even a pandemic can put a stop to these partisan politics >> no, politics at work again. we learned overnight that mitch mcconnell wanted that vote to happen early this morning right after the markets opened but there's a report that democrats are blocking that again. and that it will happen in the afternoon. leaving markets possibly are the are the the ed for hours while republicans and democrats try to work this out. the issue here is that the money would go to employers to give it their workers. but democrats say there are not enough employer protections built in, sick paid, sick leave and guarantees that the money would actually go to the workers and not be reinvested in the company. that's the issue that they are trying to work out to get this third phase of the coronavirus rescue package done or at least up firefighter for a vote today. >> our nation cannot afford the game of chicken.
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not a partisan opportunity >> legislation has many problems a at the top of the list, it includes a large corporate bailout with no protections for workers and virtually no oversight. >> now president trump monitoring this closely. the white house as well. the president thinks they are chose to getting something worked out to get this money out to businesses and to their workers. there will be five republicans who likely will not be voting today including rand paul, who just tested positive and four other who is are are self-quarantined >> millions of americans are waiting a decision on this a lot riding on this tracie potts, thank you. as cities around the country are ramping up efforts to get people tested for covid-19, there's been a growing need not just for supplies, but also for people with medical training who can help out many volunteers are stepping up to the challenge here's nbc's ron allen
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>> reporter: christine mckneel dawn iing her protective gore ready to tests in the community. nurse for 25 years who stopped practicing ask became a teacherr now heading back to the the front lines. >> i just assume that everybody is positive. i do a lot of testing in the garage, out on the the back porch. i only go into the home if i have to. >> reporter: she belongs to the medical reserve corp., volunt r volunteers nationwide stepping trd. >> i don't want somebody to be there needing help and there isn't anybody to help them >> reporter: she hadn't treated patients in four years and called the er offering nursing help >> i don't want to be one of those people that didn't do anything >> reporter: medical volunteers responding to the war-time like mobilization pleas >> we need you right away. >> reporter: new york city officials say as many as 1,000 people responded in it the first 24 hours
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but whith the illness spreading rapidly here and medical staffs overwhelmed, this city and others still are asking for more help in a community with a big cluster of cases, rookie firefighter matt darcy, also a registered nurse, thinks he can help at a mobile testing center when he's not busy putting out fires. >> i find it enjoyable to give back and what i would expect it i needed help. >> reporter: in a time of crisis, armed with desperately needed medical skills and passion, doing what they can to help ron allen, nbc news, new york. the pope offered a prayer to coronavirus victims and families during his latest service. he also called on christians to e unite together in prayer on wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern time he will deliver a special blessing on friday to an empty st. peter's square many celebrities are pitching in to help response efforts. sing er rihanna joined the list
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she donated $700,000 worth of vebt laters to her home country of barbados. her foundation pledged $5 million in aid the money will be given to organizations fighting covid-19 around the world mother's day in the uk was spent with social distancing and a sweet post from kate middle n middleton. they shared this new photo of prince george and princess charlotte riding on their backs. the duke and duchess shared a throwback photo of princess dianna there was also a mother's day card made by prince george meteorologist janessa webb is looking out at storms >> it's really good to see it's tough times people are are coming together and i know people want to be outside, but this week, stay indoors. we have storm systems rolling through the deep south, midwest to the northeast and i mean this is going to be continuous you'll see a lull in the weather pattern by tomorrow afternoon.
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another wave will come in for the northeast. we're following the snow making its way across buffalo it's the higher terrain we're watching from northern nebrasw englancould see 9 to 1d stir up this afternoon and will fabeo the freezing mark. if you're awe cross the south, we're in the mid- to lower 80s >> i know people thinking spring has sprung not just yet >> gotta wait for it >> thank you fast forwarding to monday, president trump is expected to lead the daily briefing of the coronavirus task force at the white house that's scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern.
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democratic presidential candidate joe biden plans to begin broadcasting live briefings from his delaware home they begin this morning at 11:30 eastern. u.s. stock futures plunged as wall street awaits a deal on an economic stimulus also starting today all trading on the new york stock exchange will be done electronically due to the the outbreak. still ahead, espn is creating creative with programming. what delivery drivers are saying about getting your packages to you. is it safe amid-the pandemic stay with us definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. a load with as few as 8 dishes, is all it takes to save water. an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle. while handwashing uses that, every two minutes. so, do it. run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water.
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what about rob's dry cough? works on that too. and last 12 hours. 12 hours? who studies that long?! mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill. ition and we broke through. olay's retinol24 complex hydrates better than the #1 retinol. visibly smoother brighter skin in just 24 hours. new olay retinol24. we are back with disturbing complaints from delivery drivers about the conditions on the job. it raises the question could your publicages carry coronavirus. here's morgan chesty with how to stay safe. >> reporter: nearly a million drivers delivering whatever you ordered. >> could someone have it is the package contaminated?
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>> reporter: coworkers say companies are putting them in close approximate sumty to those who could carry coronavirus. >> no soap new york city hand sanitizeer, there's no cleaners at all but we're essential. they are telling us we are essential. >> reporter: drivers used to handling hundreds of packages a day now do so at their own risk. ups veteran michelle philmore had to buy her own hand sanitizer and the new demand is like the christmas rush plus a health threat no one can see >> do you feel safe? >> at this point, i don't think any of us feel safe. >> reporter: companies stress changing policies. if any employee experiences symptoms such as fever or respiratory infection, they are required to seek medical treatment and not come to work adding our vehicles are clean and disinfected daily. fedex following suit suspending requirements for customer signatures, stocking hand sanitizer at facilities and promoting social distancing on the job.
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doctors say when it comes to your own deliveries, leave it outside for 24 hours if you can. when you bring the package inside, the safest bet is to start with glovs then once opened, don't leave the box laying around. toss it away immediately as for the con tnts, a wipe down can bring valuable piece of mind when you're done,en don't forget a good hand washing. >> in speet spite of the fact we know it can survive on servisur people firmly say the main mode of transmission is respiratory >> reporter: relatively unknown. nbc news still awe head, a new sign that healthy diets may fall victim to the pandemic no propos, srt no problem. just when we need it most. or do we try clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray
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behind every celebrity is a great team it took a team to get kim kardashian squeeze into that outfit she gave fan ss a look at her struggles to fit into the skin tight suit she wore for paris
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fashion week at one point she says she might have pulled a muscle in her shoulder >> that was tough. getting out of it. >> overtime. >> she sweats a little bit, nothing is going to stick. this is no way >> so many problems that could balloon. >> so many questions with no sports on t because of the coronavirus outbreak, viewers can watch a different league it's called the stupid robot fuguing league it was created in new zealand and life-size puppets are controlled by poles. one round lasts for two minutes with the goal being to separate the robot's head from its body >> i have never seen real housewives, but i'm assuming it's a lot luk this stupid robot fighting >> also tougher to follow. i can't tell what's what it looks like a bunch of appliances to me >> nbc sports washington, they have something better. a little bit better than that. they found a creative way to fill air time with the nba
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season on hiatus in place of the wizards and bucks game, instead they aired this it looks kind of close it's a one hour simulation of the the game on nba 2k the network say it is will air video game versions of wizards basketball as long as their seasons are postponed. if you don't have an hd television for some reason, you could barely tell the difference >> the moves aren't as smooth, but hey. >> there's a lot that people need to bet on the betters out there are just having such a tough time betting on airline arrival times >> even just a spectator sport you have simulated sports with nascar >> we're adapting in these tough times. janessa is going to give us an update on the effort to slow the spadf rovis. > us self-tansing doesn't include man's best friend. how to protect your pets
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in today's quick hits, there's good news for drivers during the covid-19 outbreak gas prices are dropping. the national average price of regular gasoline plunged more than 14 cents over the past three weeks. to just over $2.38 >> singer lionel richie thinks it's time to revive the 1985 hit "we are the world. richie told people in part, all of us are in this together americans are stocking up on packaged foods over healthy ones or fresh ones during the coronavirus lockdown general mills, tyson, campbells
4:27 am
soup caught sales go up 10 to 20%. >> a attest to that. i have been buying more soup >> and it's easy to prepare and saves you from having to go in and out of the stores every day. it makes sense all part of the world. >> i have three cans of soup for today. it's true guys that, canned food and social distancing is a must these days. but you can still hang out with your furry friends not only is it safe to snuggle with them, but they will empathize with you too chris clackum has the story. >> reporter: make no mistake, during these days of social distancing, our pets know something is not right >> they can sense tension. they may not understand the words, but they understand the feelings and the tones >> are you quarantined >> reporter: but according to animal experts, that's about all we need to worry about during the coronavirus crisis >> neither the cats nor dog cans
4:28 am
get this form of covid-19 that is affecting humans. >> reporter: what veterinary dr. jerry cline with the american kennel club says is backed up by the cdc and the world organization for animal health all strongly recommend having a pet emergency plan in place in case we get the virus. >> we should have some kind of a recordkeeping, regularly available for friends or family who may have to care for our pets in case we are unable to. >> reporter: in the meantime, take advantage of why you have a pet in the first place >> they are a great source of comfort and they are blessings this that way. >> care iing for the companion t can help us work through this crisis together. chris clackum, nbc news. >> that pets definitely help uplift our spirits and music too. in israel an opera singer
4:29 am
decided to serenade her dad, who was in quarantine. ♪ >> beautiful her father way up there said that her performance made his day and all the neighbors loved it as
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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. mike and kari here from their homes, still practicing social distancing, and they will be for quite some time. i'm here for you. here are the latest headlines this hour. all nine bay area counties now have confirmed cases of coronavirus including napa. there are more than 775 cases. at least 13 deaths. a santa clara county employee is the latest to test positive. all of california is under a stay at home order. in the


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